A Whole Range of Services

Our range of services enable us to fulfill all your needs at all stages offering a global solution.
Our specialized teams are able to answer any requests : resale, maintenance of your machines, disassembling - reassembly - testing - export...

In order to improve its services Sirmo has divided its activity into three distinct competences, at each stage a specialized team at your service.



Purchase - Resale Maintenance of Equipments.

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Sirmo Distribution

Sourcing - Export
Africa Europe Latine America

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Sem Mag

Major Services

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Manfred RACHNER Sole Distributor

Equipments for your needs

Stack turners, pile turners or palette stacker, ventilation with ionized air : your ideal solution for further processing in continuous and digital printing.

KOMPAC Sole Distributor

Kompac Automatic Dampening system

For your Press putted in order or already in output Sirmo installs the Kompac without alcohol damping system.

  • Preset system

Please contact our commercial team for more informations.