40 years of know-how with the service of your quality


Established since 40 years by Claude MUTHER Sirmo remains faithful to its initial philosophy : reliability and service.


Since 1993, Joël MUTHER ensures the management of the company. He is at your disposal to settle with you the most advanced technical requests.

Managerial assistant

Séverine CHAPOTAT answers any administrative and financial questions regarding purchasing and resale.

» Contact Ms Séverine CHAPOTAT

Secretarial Office

Evelyne GUALDI ensures phone reception and comptability service.

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Planning Manager

Claudine SENTIS organises after-sales service and inquiries on spare parts. Please contact her for any requests.

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Marketing People

Flexibility and Reactivity

Dynamic and well-versed poeple with the service of more than 1 000 customers all over the world. Equipped with the latest communication tools, they are mobile to meet any customer.

France Manager

Responsible for the domestic market on its sectors, Gérard RICHER is specialized in sourcing on the french market.

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Technical Staff

Workshop Manager

Directly in our workshop, Bruno SIMAO manages the timetable of the technical staff for more efficiency and energy.

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Those technical foremen are at your disposal to increase your productivity : Our Know-how with your service.